80's Fashion Portraits



"Fashion Portraits" Self Portrait Series Courreges Mini Dress and Jacket

(Paris circa 1965) on Canvas, Mixed Media  46" x 34" 1981




"Fashion Portraits" Self Portrait Series

Thierry Mugler Suit 56" x 46" Mixed Media 1987



"Fashion Portraits" of Duggie Fields 30" x 28" Mixed Media 1986



"Fashion Portrait" of Keith Haring

Acrylic and Tee Shirts on Canvas 1984



"Fashion Portrait" of Larry Rivers

Clothes, Saxophone Acrylic Mixed meida on Canvas 72" x 72" 1988



"Fashion Portrait" Michael Jackson

Black Suede Boots Worn in "Bad" Video

Mixed Media on Canvas 48"x 35 " 1988



"Fashion Portrait" of  Art Historian Henry Gelzehler 1988

Straw Hat, Paint Brushes, Paint Tube, and Oil Stick on Canvas 23" x 25"



"Fashion Portrait" of Betsey Johnson



"Fashion Portrait" of Diane Brill



"Fashion Portrait" of Christopher Makos



"Fashion Portrait" Of Julian Schnabel