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"Inside - Out"
A series of abstract paintings. 
Acrylic paint markers on canvas.  


Bright, warm and exhilaratingly vibrant, Hedy's latest paintings might seem at odds with our somber global mood. But their paradox seems like the point. Locked down at the start of the pandemic in Barbados for months on end, with a lack of art supplies in her studio, Hedy was compelled to rediscover the basics of the craft, drawing in black ink on colored paper.
The vivid, expressive works uplifted her while gray ashes from a nearby volcano rained down on the island, covering her garden.

Returning to her New York studio with a palette rich with pinks and aquas, purples and blues, midday yellows and the palm frond greens, the always-evolving Hedy began to transpose her newfound lyrical abstraction to canvas, by way of crisp and bold motifs.

As she continues to make art, Hedy remains steadfast: This is not the time to mourn what is lost, or what might have been, but celebrate the here and now, with gratitude. "Creating art continues to be my life force," she says. Living life inside out is what calms me and gives me peace."

CJ Hughes


"Inside Out 1"  24" x 18"





"Inside Out 2"  24" x 18"/p>





"Inside Out 3"  24" x 18"





"Inside Out 4"  24" x 18"





"Inside Out 5"  24" x 18"




"Inside Out 6"  24" x 18"





"Inside Out 7"  24" x 18"