Hedy with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol at her opening at Harm Bouckaert Gallery 1984

Photo: Patrick McMullan



Hedy 1986 Photo: Andy Warhol



Hedy Klineman and Robet Maplethorpe

Hedy with Robert Mapplethorpe 1985

Photo: Patrick McMullan




Hedy at her group show at Benrimon Contemporary 2012



Hedy Klineman Instiallation Tibet House Museum

Installation Tibet House Museum 2013



Hedy's Studio

Hedy's Studio



Hedy's studio

Hedy's Studio



Hedy Klineman at Bridgewater Lustberg

Hedy at her show at Bridgewater/Lustberg Gallery 1996




Hedy Klineman Self Portrait

Hedy Self Portrait Silkscreen on Canvas